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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-14 at 11:45AM UTC

media depends on ur burner any will make a backup but the dye in verbatims is why they work so well
but if u can burn with other media thats great wish my burners would and for kevinnash u said if u cant afford verbatims dont burn games . well stfu kevinnash some people have other responsibilities and money in these times is tight for many famliys . ur fucking nobody to be telling this cat negitive shit. he asked a question .didnt want to be belittled in doing so. TO ANSWER UR QUESTION BRO if ur burner burns ok with the media u choose and they play good for u its fine dont have to use verbatims .

p.s yo kevinnash ur fucking screen name is lame hope its ur screen name what ? was ur daddy a wrestling fan ? lame as hell clown

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