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SpankMonkey # Posted on 2011-11-02 at 01:37PM UTC

StuartPD: I originally was burning my backup with iXtreme Max Burner and verifying with ImgBurn… but then when I saw those team-xecutor threads I wanted to make sure that my backup was a proper one by scanning the backup with KProbe2… it wasn’t a good one and it failed miserably in the second layer. So, I changed the settings that I was burning with in ImgBurn, in order to get an acceptable disc with KProbe2. Now, I fail at 49% verify within ImgBurn (if I do decide to verify)… HOWEVER, my scan within KProbe2 gives me a ‘perfect’ disc (perfect in this sense means that the backup disc will NOT throw any CIV errors while playing on the XBox).

And there have been links to other forums suggesting that verify in ImgBurn (and other burning software) is pointless to an extent…sorry, I don’t have the link.

So, all in all, I am more concerned with having a backup that resembles my original more than verifying data (which all the data should be there anyway bc it disc burns to 100% completetion… you would get an error message DURING the burning process if some data was lost or something went wrong)