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SpankMonkey # Posted on 2011-11-03 at 01:20AM UTC

from the XGD3 backup quality discussion:
FYI This is the kind of setup that works for me and others. Its not “Gospel” and is not set in stone. It is meant as a guide to demonstrate that this can be a flawless process. There are so many variables that can effect the end result and as much as we would love to give you a definitive answer – there isn’t one. What we do say is stick to Verbatim MIS (Made In Singapore). Once you have great results go from there and go with the process that works best for YOU.

UPDATED: 10/29/2011

I see lots of confusion so let me clear a few things up

Make sure KProbe2 is set to 4x CLV Scanning

PI MAX should be 100 or less & PI Average should be 5 or less
PIF MAX should be 4 or less & PIF Average should be 0.20 or less
Nero Score should be no less than 90

The fact that the burn verifies at 100% is irrelevant when you are testing the quality through KProbe2 so you may want to not waste your time doing that extra step. It doesn’t hurt of course – but if you are running a full Kprobe scan its going to give you your correct verify results anyway regardless of what imgburn tells you.

There are many factors that affect a quality burn and/or test. Too many processes open in the background in Windows, poor quality SATA chipset, SATA set to AHCI instead of IDE can affect results, a dirty disc (fingerprints etc), burning from a fragmented drive (make sure images are on a nicely defraged drive with plenty of free space).

Also there are various settings with the EEPROM / IMGBURN that you can play with such as…..

Smartburn = enabled
Force Hyper Tuning = enabled
Online Hyper Tuning = enabled

Remember Verbatim MKM-001 = 2.4x with OPC in IMGBURN disabled and Verbatim MKM-003 = 4x with OPC in IMGBURN Enabled.

Nothing is set in stone but this is a good guide to put you on the right path. Remember the discs are now being pushed to their limit so the margin of error has been greatly reduced.

Please use this thread to post your success’s and tips and tricks. Do not post here asking for advice or asking “does this graph look good”.

Note: If you have problems with MKM001 – try this…ad.php?t=74097
what discs are you using?