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xwind # Posted on 2011-11-05 at 04:21AM UTC

Hi I too am having the same issue. From what I’ve read on this thread at least, there doesn’t really seem to be a solution, other than check with KProbe and hope you don’t get banned on live.

I have the latest Imgburn, I tried burning gears 3 on 2.4x without OPC and another on 4x with OPC using Verbatim DVD+R DL discs. Both were successful burns. However both fail on verification at exactly 50% at the layerbreak 2133520. When I try installing the game, for both burns, at around 47-49% it fails saying it couldn’t read the disc.

I haven’t tried KProbe yet but even then I’m not sure what to expect of it. I also haven’t tried actually starting up the game, in fear that I did something wrong since it wouldn’t let me install.

Can anyone advise what should I do? Thanks guys.