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StuartPD # Posted on 2011-11-07 at 04:54PM UTC

xwind: I’ve gone through about 8 discs or so now & finally seem to have cracked it for me. I created a backup of Goldeneye & it was rather flakey in the cutscenes, now using my method above, it’s no way as bad as it was.

Hopefully this will work for others, as Kprobe is just no use to a noob like me. I’ve never had an issue with a verified Imgburn disc before. So unless Kprobe becomes a necessity for me to learn, I’ll just stick with this method.

I did notice that a lot of people were saying burn Verbatim 003′s at 4x with OPC on, but I find burning at 2.4x with it off seems to work. Is it a necessity to be burning these discs at this speed & what is OPC?