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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-21 at 09:15PM UTC

UPDATE: i was unaware of how the temperature settings in the nand worked until recently. apparently xenons DID get their temperature threshold raised, which would mean that the fans don’t speed up until the xbox gets hotter than before. unfortunately it wasn’t made too clear what dash versions the change actually occurred. here are the results for people who don’t have an account at the link posted below. i would think that 14699 would be “b4″ and 14719 would be “after”, so i will post again when they clear up what they meant. in the meantime i will double check my nand dumps to see if any other motherboard revisions had their temps changed.

“b4-14719.jpg” 80 97 100, 100 110 117
“after-14699.jpg” 80 75 78, 100 100 102
meaning: fan speed increased at:(CPU, GPU, RAM), xbox shuts off at:(CPU, GPU, RAM) in degrees celcius.