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clutch # Posted on 2011-10-25 at 06:09PM UTC

Well then it looks like maybe I have a dodgy laser or something.

The only other AP 2.5 backups I have are Black Ops and Fable III. I’ve just run both of those through abgx, and they’re both clean as a whistle.

When (if) abgx gets updated to cope with XGD3 titles, I’ll run Batman AC through it and see what it says.

The burning process verified in imgburn just fine, using the recommended MKM-003 Verbatim disk at 4x with OPC turned on.

It’s intensely annoying as I’ve had an xbox now since June 2010, modified from day one and not been flagged/banned. Only a couple of weeks ago I decided to buy my own TX kit so I could flash the drive myself to LT 2.0, and keep up with future firmware releases etc.(I originally sent it off to someone to get LT 1.0 put on it, so the only AP 2.5 disk it had seen up to putting 2.0 on it was my original AC Brotherhood).

The first time I ever put in a disk that I haven’t verified with abgx, I get flagged… Go figure! :-(