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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 06:29PM UTC

i had problems with jtags that supposedly needed an update (would not play arcade games and was missing avatar), but only when my friends hdd was in, when mine was in everything worked. recently i found out that even if your dashboard is 13599, your hard drive may not have the 13599 files. how i was told to fix this was install the update from the usb drive. since the jtag already had 13599 on the nand, it didn’t bother to write to it (which would mess up a jtag), but it noticed that the files on the hdd were not up to date, so it only updated that. if you have recently made changes with your hard drive, that could be why you have no avatar, and have games asking for an update. if you want to update your hard drive only and not update your dash to 13604, you can download the 13599 update to a usb drive. as soon as you put it into your xbox it will detect and offer to update. you could also just get the 13604 on a usb or connect your xbox to live. as i mentioned c4e has said it is safe. either way should fix your problem.