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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-27 at 08:05PM UTC

i heard people who got the “unauthorized disc” for gow3 had original copies, but you can never be sure about that. some people might just be reluctant to admit they are playing burned copies, especially when problems come up and they think they might get banned. i wonder about the whole ap2.5 ban reversal. how did people prove to MS they got flagged with originals? anyone could play a backup but also own an original so they’d have a receipt for the game and proof of purchase.

i found this from someone who got the error on an original disc: “The IT guy at xbox live told me to delete my gamertag and then recover it again. This deleted my save file for the game but actually brought everything back to normal. Xbox dude said its because the batman game or the DLC somehow corrupted my gamertag keeping me from playing the game” of course you could move your save to another drive or a usb stick until you recover your tag… i also read someone saying they took the game back right away and got a new copy and never had that problem again, so it could be that Microsoft hasn’t perfected their XGD3 discs yet and some of them are just bad quality. i still feel like read issues could be the laser too.

the agents solution doesn’t make any sense to me, but it might work. xbox support has given me much trouble before, they never seem to know the precise answers and give different responses from different agents. i had a friend who had “corrupted dlc” for alan wake, and they just kept telling him to redownload it and delete the cache and i forget how we got it to work but it took hours for something he paid money for. we still have a problem since we bought a family account (we had to recover our 4 gamertags to my hard drive. lol i got to be the “parent” account.) but my “children” are not allowed to use unrated demos and various other limitations even though all the options are set to “allow” and they are listed as full adult profiles… i haven’t taken the time to try and call them up about that one…

hopefully some of my xbox rant will be helpful to you.