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jlogan2042 # Posted on 2011-12-21 at 03:52AM UTC

My Elite was flagged so I just sent it off to get an RGH chip installed. Freestyle dash now has built in messaging/video chat/friends list as well as xlink Kai integration that removes the 32ms ping limit. Its still not as featured as live but its better than chipping it just to remove the flag. My setup will be an elite with the RGH hack and a Halo 3 edition box with LT 3.0 for live.

RGH/Jtag is the way to go. A media player that plays a metric s*it ton of files has been released and is being improved upon right now. These systems make a perfect living room/ man cave system for those times when the wife wants to watch a movie or play a casual XBLA game

Seriously its not worth the work when you can get another 360 for ~$50 on eBay.