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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-07 at 03:11PM UTC

if you have an iso that is known to be ripped from a good source (like you did it yourself from an original disc or another source that uses the new 0800 v3.0 ripping firmware) then there is never any reason to run it through abgx as they already should be stealth. abgx only verifies that isos are good and then patches isos that are not already “stealth patched”. since abgx doesn’t support xgd3 isos yet, there is no way to verify the stealth data is correct. you just have to know whether you have a good copy or not. if a new dashboard is released that changes the stealth data that is checked for on a game, then you need to run it through abgx again so it can patch in the new data. if the new dashboard comes out before the new abgx and we do need to update our xgd3 backups, then we will either just have to not update, or wait to play xgd3 games until abgx is out, or just go back to playing the original copy.