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twisted247 # Posted on 2012-05-28 at 01:35PM UTC

try a ap.25 game like mw3 or mw2 and if black screen then i would say it is a different drive with orig key .will play all but ap.25 games. then try to install the game in question to the hdd if it installs then its not the laser. if it fails to install then the laser may be weak and that would give the black screen and send u back to dash. also when u say it says play game is there a game icon or just play game? if no game icon then the laser is most likely going out. clear the system cache then try the game in question offline and see such as single player without any tu updates. let us no the out come. good luck. but this i do know the dvd key is good as driver wouldnt play nor would anything else. the question is orig or not.