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twisted247 # Posted on 2012-04-05 at 02:06PM UTC

what model drive in ur 360 ?does any games play? originals /backup and if so what names of the games that do and dont play? did u flash ur drive if so what firmware u using and hardwre/software to flash it? need more info also have u ever had the drive replaced? burn a game like test drive unlimited 2 something without ap.25 and see if it works. could be that your xbox360 has a different drive in it then what came in it if so then no ap.25/gxd3′s will ever play in it unless u get the model the 360 expects to see hence liteon,samsung,hitachi,benq with ur dvd key spoofed to the cfw. could be a bad rip could be that ur not using a ihas burner. prob u got lt+2.0 and it wont play games with topology data it wants to see the replay sectors and there not there so it wont boot the disc. give answers to the above ?’s and i will try and help u i just seen u have slim what drive?

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