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skybird # Posted on 2011-10-06 at 10:55PM UTC

The truncate method is correct and the setting you should use, but overburn will work too. Basically, the ISO is 180ish MB too large to fit on the disc, so ImgBurn has 2 options – overburn or truncate.

You can’t overburn on a DVD+R DL, so if you choose the overburn option, the burn will fail at around the 97% mark as the disc simply runs out of space. That’s when you must manually choose to finalise the burned disc and even though it’ll tell you that the burn failed, the game will still work in your 360.

The truncate option simply says “burn as much of the data as will fit on the disc”, so ImgBurn will burn the 97% that fits and once the disc is full, it will finalise it and say that the burn was successful.

Either way, the actual burn is identical, it’s just that if you choose the truncate option you no longer have to click through various error messages to burn your ISO.

As for the guy that can’t burn slower than 4X, that’s normal with many newer drives. Your burner’s firmware has write strategies stored in it for various disc types. When you insert a disc, the burner will effectively say “OK, we can burn this disc at 4X, 6X or 8X” and those are the speeds you’ll be offered. If you try and force it to burn any slower, 2.4X for example, ImgBurn will just say “write speed mismatch” and change 2.4X to 4X as that’s the slowest supported speed with those particular discs on your particular drive.