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phrizz # Posted on 2012-02-12 at 04:41PM UTC

I actually still have my AC:B disc that has no AP25 at all, the one that has outdated AP25, and my NFS:HP that I patched with outdated AC:B data (I consider that “the mother of all AP25 failure test disc” lol)

I’m a bit of a pack-rat, I don’t like throwing stuff away; never know when you might need it ;)

My sister was up all night with my sick 2-year-old niece so they’re still asleep but I should be able to snag her camcorder sometime today. I still need to figure out a simple & quick way to disable the RGH and go back to stock NAND & dash in order to prove the concept though because the FreeBoot dash doesn’t perform any AP25 checks. I would consider showing that I can boot these essentially non-compliant AP25 backups as my console is now would be deceiving even though you know I ran these tests weeks prior to performing the RGH with success. Lemme know what ya think, I need to put in a new hard drive and move some stuff around so I’ll be offline for a little while.