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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-02-12 at 09:51PM UTC

if you put your stock nand file on a usb drive as updflash.bin then boot with the eject button, it should auto flash you back to stock. then power off (and pull the cable out) when it says and i think if you just disconnect the ground wire to the coolrunner, it will disable the chip. just make sure the red light is off. then you can boot stock again. only thing is you’d need to hook up the nand-x to flash the hacked dash again afterwards. awesome tutorial by the way. i was talking to someone and they seemed to imply that using old LT the way we are trying as 3 min protection won’t work. i have a benq that is already flagged so i will just try and see if i flash back and pop in a blank ap disc. will post back later. thanks