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phrizz # Posted on 2012-02-13 at 12:25AM UTC

Damn, the flashing back to my stock NAND sounds easy enough but disabling the CoolRunner and reflashing to the hacked dash will be a bit more extensive just to show video proof of something I have already done. The only real reason I’m wavering on it is because I’ve currently got a PS3 sitting on top of my 360, then two external hard drives and my BenQ ripping drive atop the PS3 so my Xbox is currently buried at the bottom.

If it were something quick and easy like flashing my original NAND back and simply disabling the CoolRunner as opposed to doing that along with reconnecting the NANDx to go back to my hacked dash, I would be more motivated to do it because then while I had the system apart again I would connect a kill switch to the ground or 3.3v on the CoolRunner to make it simple to flash back and forth between stock and hacked NAND / Dash. Requiring the NANDx every time puts a significant kink in that plan. I may have to put it on the to-do list for the near future rather than something that should do ASAP, unfortunately, because I would love to provide absolute proof to some of the “higher-ups” that not all 78/79′s perform AP25 or topology checks.

Your statement about the old Lt+ not working as protection is interesting…if whomever you were speaking to were implying that using old Lt+ wouldn’t work in regards to protection for tests of XGD2 AP25-active titles, then what was the protection there for in the first place?

I can understand it not working for XGD3′s since the older CFW doesn’t support XGD3 outright, but to think it wouldn’t work on the six XGD2 games with AP25 seems somewhat misleading (not by you, by them). When Lt+ v1.1 first came out, I thought the protection for bad AP25 sectors was one of the boasted features that it offered and many people here moaned and groaned about it not being in the newer custom firmware(s).

Perhaps it has something to do with the loosely labeled AP26 random challenge tables that were implemented..? I suppose it would highly depend on what dashboard you are on in order to determine whether or not your system was ever updated to include the random AP26 challenges but you would have to be on a pretty old dashboard…so I suppose I should add a disclaimer to the tutorial so I don’t get a harassed if something doesn’t work out perfectly. I would still recommend the downgrade for those worried about a flag and are testing XGD2 AP25-active titles to determine their drives AP25 capabilities, at least until you report back on whether or not you get the black screen protection on your BenQ or if you get an immediate “unrecognized disc” error or whatever error it is exactly.

What’s the deal with the inability to edit your own posts beyond about 10 minutes? Seems like the edit option is there right after you post, but then you refresh the page a couple times and it disappears, sort of a PITA and a waste of space to keep making new posts when you’re just trying to add/remove something from an existing post..oy…