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phrizz # Posted on 2012-02-12 at 02:37PM UTC

Interesting idea Quick, I don’t have a PVR on my computer, but I can do screen shots (like everyone else can) using the Prnt Scrn button on the keyboard.

I could also borrow my sisters little Samsung handicam (that a word? lol) to show I’m not swapping in my original AC:B all tricky-like. That would give me a neat little project for the day, come to think of it =)

Any suggestions or specifics that you would like to see Quick? I’m not sure how to prove to others my drive is indeed a Hitachi aside from re-connecting it to the computer and dumping a log of JF, but I do still have my NAND dumps and tools from when I RGH’d and did some modifying.

In the meantime, I’ll try to swing by my sisters to pick up her camera. My digicam does video but it’s way too grainy, it was meant for super close-up macro shots.

(for those who haven’t followed the subject I am referring to above, the RGH on my box was performed AFTER I had ran my AC:B tests with no AP25 / old AP25 and determined my drive doesn’t support AP25/topology so it’s not the RGH allowing me to play, Quick knows this but many of you may not)