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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-02-23 at 06:13AM UTC

why would he make a 2.0 when he would just have to turn around and make a 3.0 right away…? that’s double the work. you people are complaining that you have to wait, why not just go and buy a used xbox with the money you save on games? he doesn’t owe anyone anything so seriously you guys have some nerve to be so demanding.

the 1175 slim is a variation on something familiar. notice that liteon drives have a progression DG-16D2S, DG-16D4S, DG-16D5S. however the DLN10N is a completely different thing. it’s a whole new drive, fresh start. they had no idea how to dump the firmware, how to decrypt the firmware, how the drive works, nothing. all that has to be explored from scratch. the programming and the electronics of a dvd drive are not simple things. i’m bet the reason 1175 is coming before 0500 is that it’s similar to something he’s already worked with. plus of course they are going to update the 2.0s to 3.0s first. i’m sure it’d be way easier to modify the already existing hitachi 78/79 LT 2.0 to include topology than it would be to even create a 0500 LT firmware from nothing.

face it people. 0500 is probably just coming last. don’t like it? hack it yourself.