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Ucla # Posted on 2011-12-04 at 11:39PM UTC

Why are all you fools attacking Quick? What hes said in the thread is nothing different than what c4eva has already stated about burner max. I bought an ihas 4 on amazon for $20. This concept isn’t that hard to follow. I updated my 79 to B last night and everything that failed on 2.0 worked immediately last night. Quit bitching that you have to buy something cheap to get this to work. Be lucky they didn’t decide to use a $100 blu ray burner or something instead of giving us five options. Also if you have to pay someone to either mod your drive or give you backups you have no business being here. Just saying this hobby isn’t that difficult and I assure you none of us care that you have to pay for another mod or that the games you bought aren’t working.