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kurrpt # Posted on 2011-12-05 at 07:23PM UTC

I honestly cannot fathom as to how anyone can fault c4eva for ANYTHING. He obviously gets his kicks figuring this stuff out, which not only benefits himself, but EVERYONE willing to do just a little reading. With that being said, obviously, us hitachi owners got the proverbial shaft in terms of wait time and needing a fix. We all had the option to switch drives (which many of us had) or just upgrade to a slim. Those of us who have stuck it out are finally coming up to speed, which I’m thankful we arrived better late than never.

If anyone has a problem with how c4e is doing things, feel free to waste your free time coming up with a “better” method that probably will not work as you don’t have the capacity, or the mental fortitude to understand what he’s actually doing and how to overcome these problems.

From a realistic stand point, he probably should only be working on drives he personally has or comes in contact with. He’s gone out of his way to encompass the entire cast of xbox owners with every revision of the drive out there, and each model. Giving people multiple choices for burners to be able to acclimate to these new changes is actually ridiculous on his part, but we should all thank him.

To say any has c4e’s “dick” in their mouth…that’s just being self righteous and ungrateful. I can’t fathom how much money this has saved me (considering I had to buy 3 copies of the original GoW because of disc rings). To think that anyone has reserves over spending $20 for a new drive is just pathetic considering the cost of a second copy, or even a single copy of a game (barring you ruined your first)

Honestly, grow the hell up. If you can’t imagine what amount of work goes into this, you shouldn’t comment on something you have absolutely no knowledge on.