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novak2k6 # Posted on 2011-11-30 at 07:48AM UTC

I too have confirmed this

“I flashed my 78fk-4e10 to LT2.0 and have had no issues playing xgd3 bkups.
I do not use truncated discs.
I haveonly played GOW3 and MW3 bkups, but, they both work fine.
This is an offline-only xbox because it was banned several years ago, but, I have updated the dash to 13604 using usb update method.
Hope this helps.”

Always offline on a modded system, did the 13604 update just now on stock via usb before flashing to 2.0. My games worked fine. Not sure why Fredo yours isn’t working, unless you went live and got the dae update. Best thing to do is keep one box online for live/originals and your modded offline permanetly.