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toestarx # Posted on 2011-11-28 at 04:00AM UTC


Yea thanks, relax. We know truncating isn’t ideal, or recommended. We’re clearly just trying to compile some info on what works and what doesn’t. Some people don’t have ihas yet (like me), or would rather not bother if they can get truncating working. Not everyone cares about flags, hitachis are old as hell anyway. We’re comparing issues, thats why we’re here. There is nothing wrong with discussing it a bit on the forums, and you’re actually not saying anything we all don’t clearly already know (and you’re just repeating yourself).

Blowing out the laser is mostly a Liteon drive issue. Its still a good Idea for all drives, but liteons are the vulnerable ones that blow out easily. Anyone who didn’t or forgot is 99% probably fine thats a pretty rare issue for non liteons.