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Ucla # Posted on 2012-05-06 at 02:36AM UTC

what speed are you burning it at? just because it runs through abgx doesn’t mean it can’t fail when burning it. I never burn anything at a speed higher then 2.4x. I have accidentally let a couple go at 4x the game will show up on the 360 but will not load and give an error. It also could be the laser on your 360. If you are burning at correct speed and still nothing works pick up a dvd drive cleaner and see if that helps at all. Almost everyone here will swear that you need to use Verbatim discs. I will agree that quality and longevity they are the way to go. I use them for rips I really care about and those like sports that are updated every year I use memorex or Windata and I have hardly ever had any issues. With the cheap media my overall fail rate is prob one out of every thirty or so. To me with the cost savings vs verbs that fail rate is fine by me but, again never burn above 2.4 especially when using cheaper media. A Verb might handle 4x but my fail rate on the cheap media at 4x is about 90%