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VivaLaMikey # Posted on 2012-04-10 at 02:25PM UTC

Hey mate so what you are trying to do is quite complicated basically you need to ihas drive hooked up to the pc and have the understanding of how to flash the firmware whether u did it or not it will have to be reflashed you will also need Media Code Speed Edit tool and the burnermax firmware pack along with the media id of the disc(you can use imgburn in write mode to find this out).

First off you need to run MCSE and open the burnermax firmware for your specific drive

Second you need to find media id of the disc you are planning to burn with we will call this media 1.

Third find a media code with the correct speeds you need we will call this media 2 any code will do but pick one that has multiple speeds preferably the speeds you plan on using the most

Fourth (IMPORTANT write down the media name, ext and rev of both the media you want to use and the media you are going to overwrite) copy the media name, ext & rev from media 1 over the top of the media 2 with the desired speeds and press set (note that you will now have 2 replicas of the same media id so now you will need to insert the id’s of the media 2 over top of media 1 so in the end the id of your disc should now read the speeds you should want it to perform at.

Finally you are going to want to save the firmware file and just add speedfix on the end to help identify, once thats done follow the burnermax tutorial on how to flash your drive but use the speedfix version instead of original.

Alternatively if this is too complicated for you i will be happy to edit the firmware file for you and all you’ll have to do is flash the firmware.