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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-03-03 at 12:52AM UTC

i am totally stumped by this issue… i tried reinstalling windows (tried 7 and 8), i tried using my x360usb pro to connect my ihas, i tried using the ihas on a different desktop. i tried switching the circuit boards from the ihas-124b and the ihas-224a that i have. same issue on both drives, so that seems to rule out a bad laser. i have tried changing every single piece of the puzzle and still have nothing. i am guessing that somehow my onboard sata got screwed up to the point where i can read verbatim but not OQ, but that doesn’t explain why it didn’t work when i put the drive in another computer… for now i am just burning xgd2 on that computer with a different drive, but i really would like to be able to use one drive for everything again. something else worth mentioning, i tried putting in a single layer memorex dvd-r to burn windows 8, and it wouldn’t read that disc either. just got the “Medium not present” again…basically same as “open tray” on the xbox, it thinks there is no disc there…

to address the suggestions mentioned above: i tried cleaning the laser. i tried changing the sata cable. i had issues with verifying in imgburn when the checkbox was selected and it would autoverify after the burn finished, but if i let the burn finish, then manually went to verify against iso, it would verify just fine. i could try switching the hard drive and the dvd drive sata ports and see if it makes any difference.