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Mclane # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 09:59AM UTC

Sadly the forum strips a couple of characters away and all between them so removing who was saying what from the last post..


[2011-10-01 12:52AM UTC] #fw Ellidor – c4eva so the nfo written by RRoD is wrong
[2011-10-01 12:53AM UTC] #fw Zer0AI – will xgd3 backups be live safe c4eva?
[2011-10-01 12:53AM UTC] #fw c4eva – its not from me
[2011-10-01 12:54AM UTC] #fw c4eva – zero:like all backups, safe for now

Added a previous days confirmation for C4eva himself..

[2011-09-29 10:26PM UTC] #fw paxman – put it this way c4e is xgd3 as safe as xgd2 on live?
[2011-09-29 10:28PM UTC] #fw c4eva – xgd3 backup is as safe as any backup can be,passing all their checks

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