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poyzonmonk # Posted on 2011-11-03 at 12:17PM UTC

Are you burning @ 4x and what type of discs? I burned 3 memorex discs @ 4x and 2 were coastered (coz they failed, burning, @ 49%) and one burned all the way, but failed the verify @ 49%. I think that point may be the layerbreak, but not sure (haven’t done my homework :P ). However, the successful burn failed install @ 47%, twice, on the Xbox360. Per QuickMithril, I modded the iBmax FW to treat the memorex as a different type (of memorex), which would allow for the disc to be burned @ 2.4x. I got usable results, but their averages sucked….The max Pi ~ 65 and the max Pif ~ 4, for the two, 2.4x burn attempts i did. I left all the imgburn settings @ default with the exception of OPC, which was UNchecked. Leaving it checked my result better, but I havent tested it out. Try it out if you still wanna use the memorex brand. Like, i think, everybody knows, you should probably just go with the verbatims (if not already) if you want optimal results and almost ensured success. :P

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