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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-09-25 at 02:39AM UTC

i heard someone talking in one of the irc channels, back when the ap2.5 first became an issue. they claimed they get 360 silvers from asia in mexico and they play on ofw. but that still doesn’t solve the problem really. apparently there are companies that you can send your data to (i guess you would give them the iso), and they will press them for you. they claim privacy so it’s not like they would check to see that you have an xbox 360 iso. however i’m sure this would be expensive, and you’d probably have to get hundreds at a time. i doubt anyone in the usa both has the money to front, wants to risk jail for selling counterfeit games, and has a way to advertise to gamers without notifying microsoft. i truly see no way that pressed silvers would work out unless someone from overseas started selling to the usa, again risking legal issues. a dvd press machine is thousands of dollars, so it’s not like we can do it ourselves at home.