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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 01:28PM UTC

dude u r so wrong i thought u as i have been following in some of the same topics as u were smarter then that? stealth firm goes back before ” lt” was ever thought of bro and trust me ive been using c4evas firm since the beginning around 06 if memory serves me correctly and it was the response times i think that ms picked up on. but i know the risk and i know that what he is saying is its a new format right know there r no checks .but not when ms starts with checks. by then tx will have gotten the load of products off to u guys and then gxd3 will be a done deal. unless new disc surface. its about “R THEY JUST GIVING US SOMETHING FOR SHOW SO ALL THE FOLKS UP IN THE AIR ABOUT WITCH WAY TO GO ODDE OR CFW AND CAN GET OFF THE PRODUCTS THEN WHEN MS UPDATES SAY THATS IT WERE BEAT CANT BURN BUY ODDE NOW”. u c what im saying ? i would like to hear from c4eva and explain how its been correct rip correct rip make sure abgx before burn and now the rip is good the burn is bad and dont need abgx and live is cool. bullshit why then in the past is it so important to make good rips ssv2 no ssv1 kreon bad use only 360 drive. rip doesnt mater if burn is bad= ban hammer and they know it bro. dont get it twisted bro. im not calling c4eva a idiot or saying he doesnt know what he’s doing. i respect him totally and then scene but this scene is changed from the start and so has he. can remember when his name wasnt known and peeps didnt belive when he posted about his cfw. he had to show us proof. and thats the way it should be. but now he says it and no one questions or thinks for them self . they let him think 4 them. this it for me on this topic. time will tell the tale thats 4 sure and we will see . i hope im wrong and its all good. agian no disrespect intended