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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 02:03PM UTC

i didn’t start using cfw until LT came out, so anything before that is a little unclear to me. but i do keep up with the information, because i am the one who has to explain it to other people in my area. i do remember when people either played backups offline or played originals online, and many still do have two boxes for that reason. like you said right now there are no checks that will cause xgd3 games to fail, so when the next dash update comes, i will stay offline until it’s said to be safe again. i don’t think c4e would give up that easily and i don’t think microsoft has any big tricks up their sleeve.

basically it comes down to this: you don’t trust the person who knows more about it that anyone else in the world, and i do. people tend to make assumptions based on what he says. he’s got nothing to gain for getting people banned, but he’s got nothing to lose except people’s faith.

for a long time people told me ssv1 and spoofing drives especially with LT was bad bad bad, but i have played with a spoofed drive all the way until 13599 when my benq failed the liteon reflash multiple times. i had to find a liteon to update but never got banned. also i and others i know have played ssv1 because we didn’t want to wait for abgx to release the ssv2 and we never got banned. gears of war 3 is a big game, and if they banned everyone that played a bad copy that would be a huge loss for them. same things with the ap2.5 games. it was only the big games, because it slowed people down. the true fans all went out and bought retail copies while some people waited for new cfw. but all the people i know that have failed checks, played ssv1, even one who has a “corruptor” box, STILL are not banned.

i think the final answer, at least how i will be explaining it to my friends, is that LT 2.0 is stealth, and xgd3 games are safe for current dashboard. if there is a dash update they will either wait for me to say it’s ok, or they will update and play their original copies of black ops and gow3 online.

i know you are talking about the integrity of the disc and all the data that comes on it, but this is currently the solution. there is no need to run the new 0800 rips through abgx, because it is already known that they are good, unless you think you have a copy that someone altered in some way. if you want to be safer, wait for abgx to update. to address what rrod said about the CIV checks, it sounds like they are just being thorough about the possibility of failing checks in the future, but c4e doesn’t want to scare people so he just said it is safe period. now if the new dash comes out and adds CIV checks, then we will have to probably reburn the games or even need a cfw update. but the xgd3 games are also ap2.5 so we might need to reburn them at the next dash update anyway. if you really really really want to be safe, then play your original copy.