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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 02:34PM UTC

thank u for being on the level bro and for being able to speak with out the flame .i really like it when i can voice my thoughts and someone not have the same view but can converse with out flaming the other. u and i have the same job im affaid witch is telling the peeps around u what it means and i too will roll the dice as u did make a vaild point in that i know this to be true c4eva could have never surfaced agian after the 09 banhammer but he did and smacked m$ for the last 3 years almost 3 neway that takes a stand up guy and im in the loop daily on many sites and irc its not me i worrie about cause i like u will stay up to date on the info. i trust in c4eva or would have called it quits in 09 just dont want a repeat and am sure he doesnt either.hopefully the dvd companys will produce as there will be a big need for them and that means $$$$$. thanks agian for not flaming bro its rare to find people that will respect ur view even if its not there own.