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Mclane # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 05:12PM UTC

F**ksake guys, agree to disagree…..

If people are knocking C4eva then people should have no time for them, it makes no odds if you got banned and blamed him, without him you would not even be playing in the first place. If you get banned for not patching disc’s then again, its tough and certainly NOTHING to do with C4eva.

As I’ve said, if you feel THAT worried about being banned then don’t take a chance on the modded firmware or the copies, play real on a stock machine. Even in the present state the copies and firmware are classed as safe but that most likely won’t stay that way, and yet again, that’s NOT C4eva’s fault.

If you have issue with his firmware then stop moaning and buy the games, all sorted..

In this day and age its rare to get something for nothing, so stop moaning about C4eva.