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handsomeking718 # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 05:29PM UTC

You could sit their an lie to yourself if that helps you sleep better at night lol

Rep whore? You’re a leech an that’s all you ever would be,son! :D

You would beat my a**, that’s funny lol,you’re scared to even respond to me @360iso even though I messaged you an called you out chump.

Ohyeah we share it with your wife, lol punk!

Yup I’m defending c4eva,anyone who is greatful and appreciative would do so.
When I was longing to play that new hit title an couldn’t afford it,microsoft wasn’t the one making it possible to do so,c4eva was!

I rest my case,I will not argue with someone who is old and uneducated an takes his anger out on nineteen year olds.