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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 12:44PM UTC

how do we go from stressing good complete rips to its ok to boot a bad rip and 4 all u kiddies who cant remember 09 1 million box banned using 1.61 stealthed firm and others as well all made by c4eva then i still trusted him but know with peeps treating him as god and tx paying him. money is a motivator and i respect the scene and tx / c4eva . but dancing around the question of live safe is wrong its not safe.and they know it. checks could already be in place and if not there will be . if the gxd3 couldnt be done guess whos pocket book would take a hit? as they got products that depend on this working. how does it go from good rips important to these bad rips r as good as all the rest its bs m$ had ap.25 long befor they used it long before . c4eva + tx =$$$ rrod ripping team has no reason to post lies there covering there asses cause as with 09 ban wave c4eva and others first pointed towards the rips. AT WITCH POINT CAME THE BIG EMPHASIS ON RIPPING GAME DATA CORRECTLY!! SO WHATS CHANGED WITH MORE SECURITYON NEW DASH. PLEASE C4EVA HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND THIS AS IT MAKES NO SENCE. i am sorry if this offends any of u guys but just want the truth not buying products or even wasting time with this bs as it will be a ban wave with this method