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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-01 at 12:59PM UTC

i don’t think ixtreme 1.61 was stealth because after that was 1.7 which receieved the title LT. I remember LT being called stealth firmware. i trust c4e because i’m sure he did all kinds of testing with the current dashboard. now if there is a system update and everyone updates and starts using it before c4e gets a chance to check it out, that’s when it is stupid to trust blindly in the safety of these discs. he says it is fine for now, it passes all the checks, in otherwords there isn’t anything that the xbox does YET that will give away that it is a backup and not an original. even when they made the ap2.5 games people were failing those checks because they didn’t follow instructions, but microsoft couldn’t prove that the xval flag wasn’t just caused by a scratched disc. so i don’t think there are going to be anymore ban waves. they still want and get lots of money from people who are playing backups online.