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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-24 at 12:47PM UTC

sorry for not being clearer. i tried burning a disc at 4x with c4e’s burner max firmware and failed the first two tries. so i used that program which changes dvd firmware so that i could burn at 2.4x. so at that point i was using burner max with a small tweak. i am only going back and forth between burner max, and my “modded” burner max. never using regular non-c4e firmware again.

xgd3 burn = ixtreme burner max (+ my changes)
xgd3 verify and xgd2 burn = ixtreme burner max (as c4e made it)

only reason to switch back and forth is that there is no disc id that supports 2.4x as well as faster speeds. i could just burn xgd2 and verify everything at 2.4x, but i am too impatient.