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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-04-19 at 05:14PM UTC

i know that this game requires dash 14699 and kinect star wars requires 14719 rather than only requiring 13599 like most xdg3 titles. also those discs seem weird to me. i never saw the Disc ID: UMEDISC-DL1-64 until i bought some verbatims recently, except they were not really verbatims, they were this brand. but mine don’t write at 3x. i’ve never seen a disc write at that speed. just get an ihas burner and you won’t have to deal with that. from what i heard the newer dashboards are less forgiving of truncated games anyway. you might be able to play for a while then get booted back to the dashboard every few minutes for failing the CIV checks with truncated discs.