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blacKOutuu # Posted on 2011-12-02 at 12:54PM UTC

I have one as well. Tried getting my dvd key using DosFlashv2.0 and JungleFlasherv1.89. No luck. Couldnt get it into vendor mode to look at the SPI status register in JF. DosFlash wouldnt even recognize the dvd drive. It has a winbond IC on mine. I tried using my onboard sata controller, VIA Raid card, and the X360USB pro. Still no luck with anything. Not even a vendor mode for me. I have seen 1 claim of a full FW dump online, came from google. Not credible unless proven to me, but I did see he said this. No more was said afterward though. Will keep updated on this topic for sure. If anything changes on my end, I will post the results.