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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-07 at 11:35AM UTC

spenny: if you already have the key, then all you need to do is press the “liteon erase” button. only if you definitely have your key though. after it erases you have to be able to turn the dvd drive off then on again. you said without “extra equipment” so if you are just powering the drive off an xbox then it will be difficult. if you have a ck3 connected to your drive then just use the power switch on that. after it erases it goes into vendor mode then you just load your firmware and such and press write. just like with samsung and hitachi except they just have a button to unlock them, whereas liteons either need probed (if you don’t have the key yet) or erased.

hdnine: you are trying to flash a drive that is not an xbox 360 drive with LT 2.0? can you give some more details, such as what this drive is, what model does it say on the label, where did it come from? or do you just mean that this drive was purchased separately and did not directly come out of an xbox? if it’s not an xbox drive i don’t think you can just flash any random firmware to it, however there is drive spoofing so maybe. do you have the necessary equipment to connect this drive to your computer? once you get that set up just tell us what it says in jungleflasher. it should look like this the bottom left red box tells you the model of the drive. post back when you find out what drive it is.