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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-05-22 at 10:45AM UTC

i know lots of people who use the 360 for power. generally i would not recommend it, but if you know the risks (possible to damage power cord, plug it in backwards, or get “flagged” for powering on xbox with no drive) then there is really no reason to use a different device for power. the x360 usb pro is great though. while twisted’s answer may seem a bit wordy or roundabout, it’s pretty much how you do liteon erase using the console for power.

to answer the original question again: yeah sometimes it’s easier to just switch the circuit board than the lasers. liteon and benq lasers are pretty easy for me to remove, and that doesn’t require any soldering, so i would probably switch lasers in those drives, but for some reason i could never figure out how to get the laser out of the hitachi. i usually just switch the boards for those. you DO need to flash it with firmware containing your key of course.