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twisted247 # Posted on 2012-05-20 at 09:36PM UTC

yes u can do just that with sammys and hitachis there r 4 ribbon cables and thats it but with benq or liteons slims as well there is 4 wires that will need soldering or u can splice them but i would solder them easy. but i u have ur key then it wont require any extra hardware to flash the new drive with ur key and lt+3.0 just need jungle flasher sata port on pc power the drive with the 360.


1 leave the drives power cable connected to 360 but sata unplug connect to pc
2 now power on the 360 and launch jungle flasher
3 load the lt+3.0 in target firmware then click manuel spoof and browse to where you got ur key.bin or type it manuel then save the file as it will be ur new drives firm
4 now click mtk flash then u should see ur drive info under the port its on
5 click liteon erase and then yes and yes agian then when asked to powercycle the drive do so quickly by” unpluging the power cable from the back of the liteon drive and very quickly plugging it back in” “in-out quick”
6 then it should show ur drive propertys to the right now with status 0×72 if so then continue and click write then set back and when its done writing all 3 banks and verifies the key complete. click outro the device unplug sata from pc and reconnct sata on 360 and test the drive with backup and original. hope this helps u bro good luck!!

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