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QuickMythril # Posted on 2012-05-28 at 08:02PM UTC

the ihas drive in the contest is for burning the entire 8.7 gb of data to a disc for xgd3 games. normal burners can only burn to 8.5 gb.

as far as changing your drive, someone else asked this a while ago and this is what i wrote to them:

definitely not live safe. (who knows if they would detect and ban you though, it’s up to you to take that risk or not.) i remember reading something that makes me think it might not even work at all. here’s what i found when i searched “slim real time firmware checks”. pretty sure if it checks the fw it will be able to tell it’s not the correct drive.

c4eva: new dash at some point checks slim drive fw, once it has spoof will cease to work
*****: for slim what kind of real time checks are we talking about?
c4eva: realtime fw check,realtime ram check!
c4eva: they are checking for our code/data in drive!