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QuickMythril # Posted on 2013-06-01 at 08:08PM UTC

that is bad information. the 124-04 might be a B model. you cannot cross flash from one letter to another. A and Y are the oldest ones i thought. the B models are the ones that the burner max fw was developed for. if you have a 124 or 324 you can crossflash them up to a 524. those are all the same hardware with just a few features added in depending on the fw you have. the 224 424 and 624 are also the same but they have the physical capability to do light scribe. i had an hp 1230i (or something like that) and i noticed it was shaped exactly like my ihas-b, inside and out, just rebranded. i couldn’t find online whether it was an A or B. sometimes the only way to tell what model you have is to try. after backing up my firmware i tried to flash it with B firmware but it said “cannot flash” so i figured it was an A. now they have a C model, which also does not support the burner max fw. many drives will work with the burner max payload. you don’t have to actually flash the firmware. i suggest to the original poster to try backing up their fw and seeing if it will allow it to be flashed with burner max. worst case scenario just flash the original fw back.