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twisted247 # Posted on 2011-12-16 at 01:14AM UTC

yes mw3 and bf3 and fifa i think are ap25 andwhat i was saying is how do u get ur games do you { a. use xbox backup creator and ihas with burnermax fw to rip a retail copy of the game then burn it with ihas} or { b. download the iso of the game and then burn using ihas} ? if you use A. THEN NO NEED TO UPDATE. IF YOU USE B. THEN U NEED TO UPDATE . as all game iso’s in the furture that you will beable to download will use the new silver bullet method by using the topolgy info specific to the game each game has different topolgy info so none is the same . topolgy in short is all ap/25 or 26 and civ info that m$ has on the disc . so in theory any checks or updates to the dae.bin file be it silent or title update with the new method our disc with topolgy will beable to answer the checks and new ones if added I.E. THE SILVER BULLET. now prior to this method we only usen the lastest dashboard dae.bin file with the xbox backup creater app to copy and burn whats called the ap/25 relay sectors OR the ap.25 checks but with the latest m$ silent update to the dae.bin with no warnings this method is of no use anymore cause m$ could change this silently every few days and would require reburn to boot. lt 2.0 fw uses the ap.25 relay sectors and 3.0 does not it use’s topolgy so if u put the disc u have burned now in a drive with 3.0 it wouldnt be supported. and if you stay with 2.0 and u download the game iso from internet after 3.0 is released then burn it and put it in a drive with 2.0 it wont be supported. hence the need to update to 3.0 if u download your iso’s . but as i said if u rip the iso’s from retail ur self with the software and hardware we r using as of now then u could continue to use 2.0 and the software we have been using. and be fine hope this better explains it bro.

p.s i suc at grammer and spelling lol

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