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novak2k6 # Posted on 2012-11-12 at 08:23AM UTC

Twisted I have a question regarding xgd3 games working on Hitachi 2.0.
I have an elite I haven’t touched in over an year sitting on 2.0. Meanwhile I’ve been playing my benq 360 I flashed to 3.0, so all games are patched and checked completely for it.

Will those abgx3 patched games work safely on hitachi 2.0, or no due to dae.bin? I saw that for 2.0 you don’t patch/fix anything, just burn.

Problem is if this is the case and I put the same game in my benq 3.0, wouldn’t that risk a ban? Therefore just best to wait for the hitachi 3.0 and then the abg3 games that are already patched and work on the benq will work on hitachi too?