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infamous # Posted on 2011-12-14 at 05:50AM UTC

wc878 please be mindful that some people here are new and dont know the rules. plus this is his 1st post from him asking the question. I think its a valid one for some one who is new and unaware off the rules. Dont flame people too early as you may cause a user to re-frame from ever wanting to post in the forum again. A polite “hey that question should never be asked sine c4e is doing this for our benefit without charging us a thing” would have been enough. Now if it becomes a trend for a certain user to ask that question several time then thats is another story. But he was asking a question many people have of the FW and how the site works. As for hilly just give a few brotha he is working hard to get it out with out any inaccuracies so that we can have a safe CFW (Custom Firmware) that is reliable. And be sure to thank him with it is out. As far as why benq is in testing and all others are in progress, well im sure all drive act differently and need to be tested in a different manner. You can ask that question and get a very informative answer from posters like mythril and some other people who have dealt with FW’s for a while. But please do re-frame from asking ETA question unless you have made a $1000 donation which I am pretty sure may get you some perks lol. But if you are not donating (and even if you do) it is not very nice to ask for something in which you are not helping out with. So just be patient and you will be happy when it is released.

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