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hilly360 # Posted on 2011-12-14 at 06:47AM UTC

@wc878 – 1) dont ever call me ungreatful!! in what part of my question was i sounding ungreatful? im far from it DUDE!! and 2) never call me dude!! if u cant be polite and help keep ur comments to urself plz!

@QuickMythril – the reason i asked 1st question was coz i hav liteon drive myself. never seen c4e posts. i have a friend who updated and now cant play B/U discs so was wondering when i could sort this out for him, sorry for asking.

@infamous – thanks for your comments and understanding that im a newb to this site. as above the reason for askin questions. i did thank him for his great efforts on lt2.0 shame ms quickly challenaged it!! yeah i realise benq is prob easiest to flash. anyway my friend and me will be waiting patiently for c4e’s magic. thank you all.