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twisted247 # Posted on 2012-06-04 at 01:13PM UTC

are you saying your original drive was a 0225 but you replaced it with 9504 and the dvd key from your original 0225? in other words you have a spoofed drive. correct? if so it worked like that from 13599 down after that no more. so next question if u don’t have a spoofed drive then are you burning your games with burnermax firmware with ihas-b drive? you no are your games 100% burned or trunicated around 98% complete . if u are using the regular dvd drive to burn your games with the trunicated method that wont work on 14719 has to be 100% im pretty sure. its hard to understand you. sounds like u need to reburn your games. or if spoofed drive u need to unspoof the drive use just ur dvd key and the other drive cfw create the new cfw and flash that. if you could give more info / better English I will try and help you . good luck bro