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QuickMythril # Posted on 2011-10-25 at 04:36PM UTC

i tried doing the xbox 1 thing a while back. i remember it was complicated, i had to use dvd mulleter to convert the dvd5 iso to a dvd9 iso but i never got it working. when you say good old 1.1 you mean LT 1.1 correct? because it should work. “LT+ 1.1 What’s new/fixed: – xbox 1 backup support (iXtreme compatible, DVD9 only)”

you already said they are dvd9, but maybe they are not burned in the “ixtreme compatible” format? i remember something about that when i was fooling around before. you have to have the proper xbox 1 ss or something crazy.

here’s what i could find: “as far as i know, it’s a process of a ripping the game and it’s pfi, dmi and ss files from the original disc. Then putting them through another couple of programs like XDVDMulleter and ISO Buster, before you end up with a 360 iso.” “burnt on dual layers, and with a different layerbreak number, 1913776″ scroll down to where sicdude gives a procedure for xbox 1 single layers and a separate process for dual layers. that should help you a bunch. i searched google for (convert “xbox 1″ to 360 “ixtreme lt”).